How do I market my business online and advertise online using social media the right way?

Here are some tips on how a small business enterprise can venture into social media marketing to attract more clients and gain more profit.

First, let’s start off by asking ourselves 4 questions in order to strategize.

  1. Do my prospects ever ask a question prior to making a buying decision? A business example for this can be a photography studio on which you would have to think when you market online, right before somebody would get ready to make a purchasing decision for photography like portrait photography, what are some things they might be going to google and typing them and searching for answers? What are the questions they might be asking that I can put in front of them like a valuable answer in front of them to get them reaching out to me? They might be asking things like, “What do we wear for a family portrait picture” or maybe “What’s the best time of year to have a family picture?”. So anytime I can answer my buyers’ questions, is a chance for me to get them into buying what I offer may it be in the form of product or service.

Specifically, what we want to look for are buyers intent types of questions to help us promote our business online in social media platforms such as facebook, instagram and even in google by just searching for it.

  1. Do my prospects, struggle with any problems or frustrations that I can solve or are they frustrated to something I can help them with, with either my product or my knowledge or my service? A business example for this can be a law firm on which what you wanted to ask yourself first is “what are the common issues of the community around me which I can help with?”. Another one is for insurance companies, on how to tailor-fit what the business can offer based on the needs of your clients checking online. These needs should be targeted. When we say targeted, you have to have a specific audience tailoring what you have in place and promoting it via social media platforms. You have to make sure that all of the problems you will identify are things you can create a video, a piece of content which can be as simple as a facebook post or an article in google or a blog on which you can help out and solve to attract them to your business.

The real secret here is that if you’re talking about your product instead of your prospect, then you are definitely doing it wrong. A good example of this is if you have a skin cream or other skin products you are to sell and you want to use this question no. 2 to market your skin cream as an example, what an amature would normally do is sell why your skin cream is better than competitors which do not work. Nobody cares about your product unless they know that you care about them as your prospect. In this example, the better way should be, “Do you struggle with acne?”, “Here are 5 things you can do to get rid of acne quickly” or by simply listing down what skin problems can your skin products address and cure. That’s the message that your perfect prospect who would want your skin product would respond to without you having to talk about your skin cream and repelling them upfront.

  1. Do you have any stories of people who have experienced something awful that happened to them because they did not use your product or services offered? This may happen if for instance people do not know your products yet or they currently used a competitor’s product which didn’t turn out good for them or simply because they were not informed the right way. An example can be a weight loss product and people are not losing weight because they are using the wrong diet information or the wrong exercise information and something awful happened on which you can use to your advantage. Remember that people in social media respond to stories. Stories are one of the most powerful things you can utilize in social media marketing.

Another example of this is if let’s say you are an insurance agent and you wanted to attract more leads. A lot of people may not know they want insurance but if you told them stories about somebody who had their house burned by fire and thought that their home owner insurance would cover them and due to an agent who did not explain to them the policy, they were not covered the way they thought. That’s the kind of stories that people would respond to and it will be easier for your business to attract people on social media and simultaneously, it would build their desire to know more into what they are signing up to on which you can take advantage of by doing video presentations of blogs on social media and educate them of how your business works and what benefits they can get.

  1. Do you have testimonials or positive stories with great results of your products or services? You can definitely talk about how life was before when those prospects did not use your products or the service you offered yet. Then you can do a comparison now and get testimonials from them to solidify the claim. Basically, your prospects do not want to hear about your product but they want you to remind them of what possibilities you have offered and made real because of the products and services they got from you. Think of how you can tell a story of a similar prospect who maybe had the same fears or frustrations or trepidation or skepticism that your prospects have and If you can tell that story the right way in social media, then you can get your prospects reaching out to you and then you can give them a simple call to action to take the first step with what your business can offer to become a lead.

About the Author:

Hugo Fernandez is the CEO of Just Digital Inc, a top rated digital marketing agency, and Author of “The Client Acquisition Blueprint”. He has personally helped hundreds of business owners grow their business through his proven blueprint for creating an EPIC marketing strategy and online presence. He teaches doctors, lawyers, accountants, business owners and freelancers the secrets to attracting a flood of high paying clients, increasing revenues and creating sustainable marketing campaigns.

Written on March 9, 2020