Guest Post List

Below is a list of our partner websites that allow for guest posts and backlinks on demand. Some names have been censored at the request of the blog owner, so you will need to contact us for further information.

Unless stated otherwise, every order includes:

Payments Accepted:

Don’t trust us? We may also do the transaction via PeoplePerHour or Fiverr.

Website Domain Authority Price Notes 96 $50 A niche page on that doesn’t abuse website mechanics or a AWS instance. The DoFollow link will be a raw link, so no anchor text is permitted. Up to a few paragraphs of text is allowed. 90 $25 A unique niche page that is indexed by Google and discoverable via Reddit’s search engine. 89 $50 A blog post published on an aged contributor account. Available in English or Spanish. 66 $350 A top tier investment blog. No gambling content allowed. 65 $410 A science fiction review website. 59 $50 Articles related to Christianity or the Christian lifestyle. 59 $400 Venture capital & private equity. 51 $50 A blog about tech startups. 52 $170 Facts from around the world. 49 $300 A British movie & TV show blog. 49 $135 Tech, business, finance, marketing & more. 47 $50 General lifestyle, travel and entertainment blog. 47 $275 Gaming, Internet, software & more. 39 $325 An adult, BDSM lifestyle blog. 34 $50 An international travel blog. 30 $50 A blockchain & crypto blog. 30 $50 A fashion blog. 30 $50 An automotive blog. 27 $50 A South African small business magazine 26 $50 A South African finance blog. 30 $50 An automotive blog. 22 $25 A Colorado-based marijuana blog. 22 $100 A short description about your marijuana / cbd website or product and feature it as a labeled sponsored post. A Dofollow link is also included within the post. 15 $20 A travel & digital nomad blog.