If any of the sites below interest you, feel free to send us a request.

Domain Link Type Price Description
Steemit.com DoFollow $50 An aged contributor account with the rare ability to post DoFollow links
Theodysseyonline.com DoFollow $75 A high-authority general community site. Politically-charged college students make up the bulk of its audience.
USC.edu DoFollow $50 A page on the University of Southern California’s Website
BYU.edu DoFollow $50 A page on Brigham Young Univesity’s website
Buzzfeed.com NoFollow $50 An article on one of the largest online media sites
ElephantJournal.com NoFollow $50 A general/alternative lifetyle blog
FirstElse.com DoFollow $75 A digital magazine with buiness, health, and lifestyle sections
Thestuffofsuccess.com DoFollow $100 A general blog with many categories
Expatriate.space DoFollow $25 A travel/expat blog
BitcoinMXN.com DoFollow $25 A Mexican cryptocurrency blog. Blog posts will be in Spanish
Busy.org DoFollow $50 A cryptocurrency-based social blogging platform
New.blicio.us DoFollow $200 An article on the blog section of the website
Runescapehall.net DoFollow $25 A Runescape blog