The no-nonsense meaning of content marketing is simply the creation and sharing of high-quality material via the internet. The material in this context is blogs, videos and social media content that directly or indirectly propagates a brand.

The idea is to gain the interest of consumers that have an interest in a niche industry that leads to your products or services via the shared content. While a call-to-action is desired for the business-minded content developer, factuality and quality are the focus.

What Exactly is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is a linear path of propagating products or services naturally flowing ad placements in a website’s content. It may be discreet banners, content feed placements, in-text links, and other methods that advertising companies come up with.

Have you ever scrolled through Youtube and noticed paid inserts in your suggested video feed? That’s native advertising in action.

At the very least, native advertising is only kept within the website and does little to disturb its audience while passively remaining available. Large distributors include Taboola, Outbrain, and Yahoo Gemini.

What about Content Marketing?

Content marketing differs from advertising in that it directly contributes to the value website without a pitch or product placement in mind. The idea of content marketing is to­ propagate ideas or products in an indirect manner and is more in the grand scheme of things.

For example, IBM may make an infographic about databases and publish it on social media or a highly popular tech blog. It educates the audience, the website owner gets amazing content, and IBM may get a do-follow backlink, social media shout-outs, or a watermark on the image.

Every content marketing strategy should be unique in tune with the dynamicity of the internet. As long as the webmaster’s and target audiences’ needs are fulfilled, consider it to be a successful strategy.

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