Why You Should Hire a Spanish Translator For Press Releases and White Papers

Although the English language is the most dominant in the business world, over 14% of the world’s population speaks Spanish and keeps growing. With the economies growing rapidly in many Spanish-speaking countries, like Panama or Chile, expanding your business to a new language may reach even more potential clients. Now the question is, should you just re-use your old promotional content in Google Translate or hire a professional translator?


Why Google Translate Doesn’t Cut it.

Try looking up a Spanish newspaper, copying an entire article, pasting it into Google Translate and notice how awkward it is to read. If you publish an article promoting your business to a native Spanish-speaking audience, you will only make a fool of yourself. Google’s algorithm for translating text is great and always improving, but it is not ready to replace humans.


You Are Not Hiring a Translator to be a Human Spanish Dictionary.

A Spanish translator will be able to restructure your paragraphs and sentences to be grammatically correct and to express your thoughts in a way that a Latino or Spaniard would be able to understand. If targeting certain localities, you may request the translator to fit in local idioms and slang that flows naturally as if a local had written the article.


Create Unique Content.

If you want content for SEO purposes, or at least as a secondary objective, Google and Bing appreciate when you use completely new content. The algorithms of search engines will be able to notice when you quickly spinning content using translator apps, so having your translating changing up the structure of the article will essentially make a new piece of content that will positively influence your business’s website.



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