Guest blogging is one of the main ways that young cryptocurrency projects spread their influence outside of typical crypto cliques. Submitting well-done articles to large crypto or fintech blogs may increase the number of potential buyers for your coin.

Here are some reasons why guest blogs specifically will help grow your project:

Establishing a Level of Trust

An audience may see your new cryptocurrency as trustworthy if a blog owner is willing to publish your article on his or her well-established website. This will give you a chance to pitch your business plans to many eyes that probably would have not otherwise have otherwise considered your coin as an investment opportunity.

Boosting Your Social Media Accounts

Social media is obviously an essential part of any cryptocurrency business strategy, and guest blogging is the perfect opportunity to gain some organic followers. Add links to your social media at the end for your post in a call to action in your author’s bio. The followers you gain will eventually cause a viral snowball effect and increase awareness for your cryptocurrency brand.

Building Relationships

Providing a high-quality blog post for an influential person’s blog will allow you to potentially start a business relationship, meaning more potential promotional opportunities for your business. You are also more likely to receive retweets and mentions on social media for your future content.

Obtaining Backlinks

Backlinks from high-ranking blogs are one of the best ways to increase your own website’s SEO. If you focus on quality rather than quantity, Google will treat your website nicely and increase the chance for front page rankings. If you pump out cheap content to obtain hundreds of backlinks, Google’s algorithm will easily recognize this as spam and it will impact your blog’s ranking potential.

Why You Should Hire A Professional Writer

The competition in the crypto market is pretty rough these days, so you will want to create the best content possible to represent the company. If you are not confident in your ability to write professional-quality and engaging articles, especially if you are not a native speaker, consider hiring an experienced copywriter knowledgeable in cryptocurrencies.

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5 Thoughts to “Why Hiring A Professional Guest Blogger Is Crucial For Cryptocurrency Projects”

  1. I am a writer myself, however, I understand the need to hire professional guest bloggers. I write on numerous niches, yet there are some niches that I have never tried my hands. For instance, I have never written on fashion or cryptocurrency. These are lucrative niches, however, I have never written on these niches. Thus, I have hired writers to write on these topics. I do not have any cryptocurrency projects, however, I am building a website dedicated to cryptocurrency and I am hiring writers to write for me.

  2. True, a professional writer will help build trust and credibility.
    The Cryptocurrency Niche is crowded and you need to have a writer that understands the subject and the audience. It is not something that everybody can write about with confidence.
    Much better to hire an expert to write content than attempting it oneself and not getting it right.

  3. I agree that it is a must to have a professional guest blogger especially if talking about a very specific topic. People will trust and listen to you more if someone writing has the experience on the said topic instead of just relying on theories and little things we know about it. Also, professional guest bloggers can expound more on the topic when they know what they are talking about. Should there be questions, it would not be hard for them to confidently answer. If you do not have enough understanding of Cryptocurrencies you might spread wrong information and in turn would just have negative effects to readers.

  4. I hate mistakes and errors in texts. When I see them, I close the website immediately since I believe that it is a scam that had been created fast to make money and fool people. I have also noticed that some legit websites look like scam only because of their bad-written articles

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